Invite Him: Will Trump Visit Denison

Will Donald Trump Visit Former Midwestern College Campus

Donald Trump in Iowa
Donald Trump in Iowa

     As summer comes to a close and families celebrate with their last road trips of the season, AAA predicts many will journey 50 miles or more away from home for the holiday weekend. Not so for Midwestern College classmate Harold Fraser.

     Recently Fraser wrote to the website about his plan to drive to Denison, Iowa where the crossroad of America’s Heartland intersects with clean streets, tall corn, rhubarb pie and a Wonderful Life. During the summer he moved into new digs but is not yet willing to settle down. An avid reader he’s studying politicians winding through Iowa.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#0000FF” class=”” size=””]”He has a backbone and he can’t be bought,” Leigh Ann Crouse, Dubuque, Ia[/pullquote]Adding a corkboard on which he could tack worn maps his gal saved the walls of their freshly painted condo. A longtime supporter of the former Midwestern College town of Denison, Iowa, he quickly reels off the names of those who met with small groups at Cronks. Confidently he says others will surely come.

Several times Harold has woke up in the storied Iowa corn field speaking to no one in particular, but yet everyone, asking if Donald Trump were invited will he come? Fraser is hopeful The Donald will gear up for a visit to town.
On the corkboard are tacked remarks from the Trump campaign:

  • “It’s totally refreshing. He’s not politically correct. He has a backbone and he can’t be bought,” said Leigh Ann Crouse, 55, of Dubuque, Iowa.
  • “This country needs a businessman just like him to put us back on track, to make us stop being the laughing stock of this world,” said Ken Brand, 56, of Derry, New Hampshire.
  • “He says everything that I would like to say, but I’m afraid to say. What comes out of his mouth is not what he thinks I want to hear,” said Janet Boyden, 67, of Chester, Massachusetts.
Bringing Jobs to America
Bringing Jobs to America

Harold is taken by Trump’s package of self-assurance, his list of business success and the pledge his huge bank account will insulate him from the toxic forces he believes to have polluted Washington.

Following a long career in education Harold is not ready to look past Trump’s flaws to fix what he believe ails the nation, but it’s that those flaws which made him a fan.
“I think that there’s interest in hearing new ideas because the old haven’t been working,” said Gwen Ecklund, the GOP head in Iowa’s Crawford County. “People are really still all over the board.”

This week Fraser will write the Trump campaign inviting The Donald to speak in Denison. He wonders whether the auditorium in the former A.D. building would support a group as large as that he expects will show up? Perhaps the new Athletic Building or Ritz Theater are better venues. Good luck with that Harold.

Thank you, Harold Fraser… How was your summer, tell us what you have been up to?.

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